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The cost of using the Field Station is based on two fees: a cost per person per night, plus a cleaning fee.

Facility Cost per Person
per Night
Cleaning Fee
Entire Research Station
(East Wing, West Wing, + Lab)
$20 $95
East Wing (Big House) only $20 $45
West Wing (Little House) only $20 $35
Laboratory only N/A $35
Teaching Facility (Campground) $10 $80
Bunkhouse $10 $30

For instance, if a group of 5 people wanted to use both the East Wing and the Laboratory of the Research Station for 3 nights

  • The person fee would be $20 x 5 x 3 = $300;
  • The cleaning fee would be $45 + $35 = $80;
  • The total cost would be $380.

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